The Primary Mission of Colleges and Universities Essay

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The primary mission of colleges and universities should be preparing students for the workforce When students start at the university they have to take courses they do not like because they think they do not need it, but those courses are necessary to develop some skills the students need in order to make them capable of solving problems once they finish their studies. After the first or second year, the students start taking subjects they like, and they feel happy because they are learning what they chose to study. However, when the students graduate from the university they start the working period of their lives, and like any start in life first they have to learn new skills; undoubtedly, universities are responsible for preparing students for the workforce, by making the exact combination of theory and practice, by helping them building strong characters so they can adapt easily to any circumstance in life. To begin with, universities and colleges should include students in real life by increasing the practice the students can make in real companies, with real jobs, in order to make the students realize what they really are going to do when they graduate and go out to work, and being conscious that at the beginning, they are not going to earn a lot of money, or get the best position in the company they are going to work in. Necessarily universities need to create the perfect mix between both, theory and practice. Theory classes are necessary for students because they need to know the basis of the things they are studying, and the practice make them capable of applying theory to real life, in real situations, that is what we can call “knowledge”, in deed , that is what the students are going to remember in the future when they are no longer students. Studying theory classes and experiencing real life in real companies, are important things the
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