The Price of Diamonds Just Went Up

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The Necklace Page 1 The Cost of Diamonds Just Went Up The Necklace is a short story written by Guy De Maupassant in 1884. The introduction of this short story, it says “that Maupassant in the story uses realistic observations and keenly chosen detail to tell a story of a misunderstanding and years of hard labor that follows from it.”(129) Myself after reading this revered classic, would hardly call it a misunderstanding. I would say that the years of hard labor that character Mathilde endured, was from her faulty thinking coming from her false pride and conceit, which had driven her to this delusion of a self-worth deserving of an aristocratic lifestyle. Mathilde's thinking that beauty and wealth determined one's position contribute to her downfall through her vanity, pride and greed. Mathilde shows that she is immensely dissatisfied with her station in life, but particularly that of her modest means. She has this false impression that she deserves an aristocratic station in life, not by her hard work, but attained by her beauty and heredity. She speaks of suffering carelessly, that she feels herself born for all the delicacies, and is deserving of all the luxuries the other woman have of her rank. “Mathilde thoughts are filled with large dwellings hung with oriental tapestries lit by tall bronze candelabra.” (130) “With lots of silk filled rooms filled with delicate furniture surrounded by prices curiosities made for the likes of the women, she envies.” (130). Mathilde is overpowered with discontent of her situation and society. She wants more than she could afford. She consciously daydreams about the pleasures of life, crying about how little she has. Her husband was a clerk and worked in the Ministry of Education. He
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