The Prevalence of Domestic Abuse on Children Essay

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Domestic violence is one of the most controversial crises in today’s society. Research on the prevalence of domestic violence dates back to the early 1970’s however, it was only until the late 1990’s that domestic violence started to garner more attention (Momirov & Duffy, 2011). With the rapid interest in domestic violence, social scientists began to expand domestic violence research to encompass more than the traditional abuser and victim (Loring, 1994, as cited in Sadler, 1996). In that last four decades, more and more research has been developed to understand the importance of an unrecognized group of victims, the children who where exposed to the traumatic events of domestic violence (Momirov & Duffy, 2011). Social scientists have used countless terms and definitions such as “witness” and “observers” in an attempt to determine the role children play in domestic violence; which left the implication that the children observed, but were unaffected (Saathoff, 1999, pp. 97-110). Nevertheless, in the last several years, the terms “witness” and “observers” have evolved in order to fully acknowledge the children involved in domestic violence; insuring no assumption as to the role the exposed children played (Saathoff & Stoffel, 1999). According to the American Psychological Association’s Violence and the Family Report of the APA Presidential Tasks Force and the Family (1996), “each year an estimate of 3.3 million children are exposed to violence against their mothers or female caretaker by family members”(as cited in “ACADV: Children And The Effects of DV On Children”, n.d.). Although statistics such as the one stated above are important, they are not accurate approximations of how many children are exposed to domestic violence. The effect of domestic violence on children has gained attention and many researches have been done on the effects of children

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