The Presidency Of Andrew Jackson

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The Presidency of Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson became the 7th President of the United States of America in 1828. The Presidency of Andrew Jackson is very significant; although he was officially the 7th president many considered him to be their first. “Jackson may have been our seventh president, but he was the first in many ways.” However 1828 was the second time Jackson ran for the presidency. He ran in 1824 but unfortunately lost out to John Quincy Adams. This defeat was not a normal defeat as it is known as the “stolen election”. It is referred as this because Jackson won a huge amount of votes but unfortunately he did not have the electoral votes he needed to gain presidency. This meant that now the House of Representatives would be deciding the faith of the election. The outcome of this election was defeat for Jackson however as previously mentioned Jackson was victorious in the 1828 elections winning the majority of the votes and beating Adams. Jackson was quite unlike any other president of the United States. Previously ii had been about aristocracy but once Jackson came to power it was about democracy. He liked the fact that he was closely associated to the common man and this is why he was so popular. “Era of the common man” is the title given by the Jacksonians. Jackson’s inauguration took place on the 4th of March, 1829. Thousands of Americans from all different regions came to watch their newly inaugurated president. Jackson believed in democracy. When he became president he made sure that democracy was present in government. ‘Government he said should offer “equal protection and equal benefits”.’ However this only applied to white males. Women, black people, and Native Americans were excluded from this. Jackson’s definition of democracy is probably far from the definition we have today however there must be some consideration as it was one
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