The Power Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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{Gatsby fails to separate the possession of the American dream, with the possession of love. He chases the American dream by modelling other men, gaining money and throwing parties, so that he can get the girl, but despite achieving the American dream, he doesn’t gain happiness Jay Gatsby’s has a naïve interpretation of the American dream, confusing happiness with materialistic possessions. His American dream has been corrupted by the idea of attaining wealth and power. Gatsby and his friends: Gatsby throws parties in attempt to find, and win back Daisy however, being a “nouveau riche”, he has not prepared himself or been exposed to the harsh reality that is snobbery, ignorant, corrupt group of people of whom he begins to associate himself…show more content…
He is also a very wealthy and powerful man who comes to his money by bootlegging. We know in the novel that jay swell is in the business and that is how the relationship was formed. Jay models Meyers life buy attempting to become successful in the same way as him. Also, Jay relies on Meyer to even buy his clothes, therefor being able to have the proper attire to seem like a successful wealthy man. Buy not only mimicking meyer wolfsheims fashion of gaining money, but also his style in articles of clothing, Jay is assuring himself that he can attain the same position of wealth and power. Though married to the woman of gatsby’s greatest desires, Tom Buchannan is one of gatsby’s greatest models. Gatsby grotesquely resembles Tom. Both tom and gastsby are brokers, only Gatsby is a phony broker. Tom has the rich family history and hasn’t come into wealth recently, but was born into it. He was a natural. Tom is Gatsby’s hated rival, but is also a garentee for daisy’s prestige. To become wealthy as tom is and take daisy for himself becomes Gatsby’s consuming…show more content…
She is never unseparated by the objects surrounding her. Daisy is “gleaming like silver”, and has a voice “full of money” (pp. 150, 120). Daisy is the American dream. She was born rich has emmense amount of possesions, and dresses in white. She’s also seen as very desirable to Gatsby, because of how much of a challenge she will be to win over. As opposed to the girls of no self-respect who are constantly throwing themelves at Gatsby. He see’s daisy as “excitingly desirable. This gives him a challenge, a challenge more difficult than most because of her high position in the social status. Not only falling in love with her for her looks, being tied into By having daisy all to himself, Gatsby has won the biggest

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