How Does Technology Affect The Amount Of Technology?

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As the years pass, the amounts and levels of advancements regarding the technology in our lives continue to grow. I feel that, yes, technology has the ability to reduce the amounts of stress in some areas of our lives, but at what cost to us? I feel we are becoming so accustomed to being able to access so many things through our electronics at such convenience, we have forgotten that we do not always have to use shortcuts to get even the simplest of tasks accomplished. For example, rather than having banks run by tellers we have machines taking the human error (the excitement) out of the community though of course having theses quick and easy ways of doing things, like depositing a check on your I-phone, can be extremely convenient, we are losing the personal communication and connections we used to make so often with other people. Also, think of all the jobs that will eventually be lost due to technologic advancements replaces human beings…Is this something we are worth risking? Technology has hurt us in a way…show more content…
As new technologies come and go a newer sleeker version comes out which essentially is making us become more and more reliant. When a new technology arrives we expect it to work as soon as we give a command. If instant gratification is not received we can become angered quickly. While this one little delay in the system has drastically changed our day, and could easily lead into more problems throughout the day. Some people let the flaws in their electronics effect their day because their expectations are set too high. As technology surges, our culture begins to forget about our personal family’s roots and how we got to where we are today. Without the patience and hard work of our ancestors we wouldn’t be where we are today. What happened to patience and hard work? We seem to have moved towards fast and easy life
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