The Power of Prayer vs. Voodoo

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My life has been shaped through my mother’s and sisters’ example in living the gospel. My mother’s knowledge of the scriptures and application of them into her life developed the basis of how I live today. My eldest sister’s involvement in uplifting church teachings helped me to develop a closer relationship with God through Christ. I’d like to state the most obvious observation that I’ve made about spiritual formation; that is that I will always need to be seeking for ways to nurture my personal spirituality throughout my life. I had never been challenged to look deeper into the text. In the process though, I have had to come to terms with letting go of the things that brought me comfort and provided me with what I thought it took to have a close relationship with God. Some of those things were tangible, Most are not. The things that are the least tangible actually ended up being the hardest to let go of. Now, I’m a part time online pastor. I offer free counseling to African Christians about praying the right way, offering customized prayers to people in need. My goal is to change lives using the power of scriptures, help my fellow believers to taste salvation on earth prior to our final heaven destination. I was shown how the power of prayer feels, the payer that will always be answered, now it’s my turn to share with others the power of God and the miracles it brings. In order to fully believe in God’s existence, you have to believe in the existence of Satan too, demons are the servants of Satan. All my services are free: there are no any monetary donations whatsoever. Apart from being an online pastor, I’m a small business owner. I own and run two small business companies, one of them is a private security company called Fastrac Security Patrol and another a video production company: I shoot professional videos for weddings, TV shows, music videos and

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