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The Power Of Music Essay

  • Submitted by: Musicman33
  • on February 20, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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The Power Of Music

Since the beginning of time, music has been able to pull on people's emotions and actions. Music has been growing into an immense role among the people of the world since it began. Today, music has hit its all time high. Along with the role of music becoming so much greater comes the power and emotion it can distill even stronger. Music is stronger than words because music speaks not to the mind, but directly to the heart.
Through my compositions, I intend to bring about a feeling of happiness and peace. I write music with lyrics that help people to realize the potential each of them have been given, not lyrics that show off wealth or sexual appeal. I want my music to inspire others to hope, to dream, and to believe in a better tomorrow. I put all my effort into every chord, riff, and beat so I can make sure the feelings I intend to communicate over are of good nature.
Over the years, music has evolved from classical music to heavy metal and rap. Along with the music's evolution, so has the rebellion of kids in the world. Could this be directly linked? It wouldn't be a bad guess to say so. The music has sped up and lyrics have intensified. Many children now have been involved in some alcohol abuse, before the legal age, and even drug abuse. The lyrics in all of today's songs encourage the teenagers to rebel and participate in these illegal activities. Music's influence must be a factor contributing to this.
The music I write is given to help bring about a change in this world. The music I write is given to promote others to become better. When I am dealing with hard times in my personnel life, I turn to music for comfort and peace. There are enough hardships in the world today to add more onto your plate by listening to music that will pull you back down. This is not the role Music is supposed to be playing. Music is a source of comfort. Music is a source of healing. Music is what keeps us from giving up. Music is what holds our heads...

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