The Power of Love Comparative Essay

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Jessica Attalla Mrs. Heffernan ENG2DB-02 October 15, 2012 The Power of Love The word is one of the most important tools of self-expression. It has survived generations; writers’ words are living long after their authors are dead. Though the human race has evolved and changed, its communication of love has remained the same. A few centuries ago, William Shakespeare wrote one of his greatest plays, Romeo and Juliet. Though the composition of his writing differs from that of today, there are still many similarities between his writing and that of this generation’s youth. His words are most reflected in the songs composed by the young artists of this century. The tragedy and love that is the focus of this play is repeated through the lyrics of writers’ songs. This generation’s artists have based their songs on the themes that are present in Romeo and Juliet: love’s torment, the battle of love and the tragedy of losing a loved one. Unrequited love is a burden that has plagued men and woman for centuries. Romeo feels such pain at being shut out by Rosaline, the woman he is deeply in love with in the beginning of the play. “Fix a Heart” is a song written by Demi Lovato, a young artist who shared Romeo’s feeling of a heavy heart. She writes of how “[she] ended up with wounds to bind, like [he’s] pouring salt on [her] cuts.”(4-5) She sings of how she has been so hurt and scarred by love, using a simile to describe how she is being tormented. Every rejection cuts like a wound, some of which may never heal. Likewise, Shakespeare writes of how Romeo is so overcome with his love for Rosaline, that he feels he is “shut up in prison, kept without [his] food, whipp’d and tormented.” (Shakespeare1.2.55-56) Romeo is introduced as a helpless lover; his mind and heart consumed by the image of a woman that will never love him. This image torments him, making him feel as though

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