The Power Of Digital Media

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Jordan Gilliam Professor Ginn Eng1000 October 27th 2011 The Power of Visual Media In a world ruled by the Internet, we have access to more information than the human mind can handle. Everyday we are conditioned by the trillions of images our visual sensory system intakes. This research paper discus’s digital media, specifically photography and videography, in context to the past, present, and future. Our volatilely viral society is changing every day across the whole world, and with the increase in technological growth, comes change in the way technology is presented. Photographs and Videos are the primary providers of information to most people in developed and developing nations. Everyday we see hundreds, even thousands of advertisements and commercials that have the common goal of influence. The many controversies in digital media will also play a big role in our societies future. However, with the ever-fluxing role of the digital media artist, much is unknown about how visual digital media will play a role in our present and future economies and societies. Because this topic is one that affects the actual photographer or videographer the most, I decided to interview an actual Professional Photographer. The interview was recorded using a voice recorder on my Apple IPhone. The resulting interview was bewildering; a total of ten questions were asked to keep the time under an hour. The questions ranged from personal questions to questions about digital media as a whole, and its impact. Along with the interview I used many credible and scholarly sources in my research. The research taught me to respect visual art in a way that I would have never previously imagined. I learned the many worries of a real professional photographer, as well as personal incite to the current controversy of privacy rights, the “digital take over”, and the career choices present in
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