The Power Of Authority In The Crucible

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Authority is Power – Crucible Essay Is authority power that is given to an individual? Or must that individual earn their respectful status with no faults? When does the power given begin to become too much for an individual to regulate? An individual with a lot of power over a certain group or person may misuse their authority in negative ways. Many figures of authority misuse their powerful influence over other individuals which can negatively impact the lives of others or even themselves. A number of people with authority tend to misuse their powerful influence over a group of individuals, as seen in the play The Crucible by Arthur Miller. Many characters with power try to maintain their respectable reputations but along the way end up dissipating the authority they have. Other characters misuse their positions of power over certain individuals for personal gain such as love and for wealth and land. Individuals with respectable authority tend to misuse their power in hopes of maintaining their idea of a perfect reputation. Reverend Parris is known as the town…show more content…
However, as seen in The Crucible by Arthur Miller, many characters suffer at the expense of other individuals’ misuse of power. Judge Danforth, Reverend Parris, Mrs. Putnam and Abigail Williams all had power over certain individuals and failed to live up to the expectations. Their misuse of authority resulted in the lives of John Proctor and Rebecca Nurse as well as certain realisations of Reverend Hale and Reverend Parris. Certain figures of authority who misuse their power over a group of individuals often have a negative influence of the lives of others. Authority is a responsibility and for those who are unprepared for the expectations associated with power should not be in such a position. Power is authority and authority is earned by an individual, not simply

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