The Power Is Yours, Planeteers By Sturgeon

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Patrick Vega Professor Anderson College Writing 3 October 2011 Wrong or Right? In the world today the media meaning movies and T.V is probably at an all time high especially for young children. I say it’s at an all time high because the way T.V has expended to people having 1,000 channels alone on their cable box and there are so many new kids’ channels. Back then kids would only have cartoon network and nickelodeon now kids have the two I just mentioned you also have noggin, sprout, boomerang, Disney, and Disney XD have kids always watching T.V which isn’t a problem but some people have problems with what they think there kids can’t notice. The essay by Sturgeon’s “The Power is Yours, Planeteers!” she expresses how she feels that…show more content…
The way I feel is why tell kids if we don’t even realize it ourselves? I never sat there once and thought um maybe scar from lion king is a homo sexual because of the way he sang or walked? How can you sit there watching a child’s film and think that I feel that’s wrong to even look at a Disney film that way but that’s the way she feels and I can’t change her opinion of that. But another thing I have a problem with that she says that gave her clues that scar was a homo sexual was when simba first said “you’re so weird Uncle Scar” then scar comes back and replies with “You have no idea”. She says with the tone of voice he said with makes it look like he is a homo sexual, I think she is saying that because he said with a very mysterious tone and sounded weird but of course it’s going to sound like that when he’s planning to kill his brother. In the essay she also thinks it’s a possibility that he is gay because the actor that played scar played a gay man in prior film before the lion king but just because he played a gay man in a film before makes scar gay? I honestly find that wrong so she’s telling that people that play gay roles are gay in each movie, my favorite actor Heath Ledger played a gay man in the movie Brokeback Mountain in 2005 but then played The Joker in The Dark Knight which was a…show more content…
She says that most movies have kids that both witness and lose their parents or the kids are born without any parents and are raised by other siblings. She is right a lot of movies do have that she is totally right with that but all the movies need that to happen because like I said before they need that to be the basis of the storyline, the kid loses their parents and wants revenge or the kid grows up trying to continue the family name. She mentions some superhero movies that the hero’s don’t have parents or see their parents get murdered but if you didn’t have that in the comic or movie then what is the superhero going to start up with? What I mean is if that doesn’t happen then how are the heroes going to be the hero or want to be the hero. For example she says batman because he sees his parents killed in cold blooded murder right in front of him and that’s what makes Bruce Wayne aka batman want to be batman to stop criminals from doing what they do. So I see what she’s saying that parents die in a lot of movies but it makes the storyline for movies and make some movies what they are

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