The Poverty in the United States Goes Unnoticed. Essay

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The Poverty in the United States goes unnoticed. Vandan Shiv writes, “The poor are not those who have been ‘left behind’; they are the ones who have been robbed.” There are a lot of ethnic groups who are titled as ‘left behind’. We are familiar with living conditions of the third world countries but we have similar conditions here in the United States. Since my people have been discovered by the white men we have been living in poverty for so long and now the United States make us feel like without their help we all would have been dead. Native Americans in the United States are living a poverty life most without modern amenities, having to live both in the traditional and the modern world, and governmental cuts causing inadequate healthcare. Majority of Americans can’t live without modern amenities; however there are some who have to survive without it. Many reasons have to deal with their locations and the elders who believe in the traditional ways. Many residents live in rural areas where it is difficult to get electric and water. Natives prefer to live in rural areas than in cities because it is closer to mother earth. The definition of poverty says, “The state of being poor; lack of money or material possessions.”(Webster) Being called poor to me means having no food to a point to where you are starving or without a house to shelter your family but in today’s world it means just having no money. Having an unemployment rate between 50.2%-6.3 percent it has been hard for many to afford such amenities. No access to transportation leads to poor living. Today money is needed to buy food and other necessities. In the old days Natives lived off their lands by growing food and herding sheep. Due to the poor conditions of the reservation most natives then depend on government assistance. For example, Mr. Woods lives in a Hogan by a mountain and he has

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