The Positive vs Negative of Social Networking Essay

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Argumentative Essay The Positive vs. Negative of Social Networking Social Networking is a very controversial topic. There are a lot of positive and negative isues related with this type of communication. First, let’s begin with the effects of social networking. A few of the negative effects can include several factors. One of those would be the misuse of your personal information. Networks such as Facebook and Myspace ask you for information like your address, birth date, phone number, pictures, and now they are being so bold as to even ask you to check in at selected locations. This would bring me to my next point being stalkers, and the like, predators. With all this information being asked of you, it is allowing those types of people to keep track of your whereabouts and have information they clearly should not be able to obtain. Also, with your information being out there in the system, it is easier for your identity to be stolen or misused. This can be a pretty scary situation. It is also the reason a lot of older or more traditional people tend to steer clear of social networking sites. It could be fearful to know, as well, that with them being able to track your location, your safety is at risk. On the other hand, Networks such as Facebook and Myspace also offer a lot of other positive benefits. For instance, my husband and I were re-united after many years through the use of Facebook. I have heard from several people of their relationships beginning in this same manner. Just as it is helpful for romantic relationships, it is also helpful in the area of re-uniting relationships in general; High School classmates, childhood friends, long lost relatives, adoptive children looking for their biological family, and the list goes on. Many reunions have flamed up due to Facebook and Myspace. Facebook also allows you to advertise a

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