The Portrait of a Lady Essay

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Shri Avinash Dikshit IDAS Commissioner, KVS HQ, New Delhi Shri K. J. Subba Deputy Commissioner KVS RO Guwahati Shri K.L.NAGARAJU Assistant Commissioner KVS RO Guwahati Shri A.V.L. J. RAO Assistant Commissioner KVS RO Guwahati Shri. J.Prasad Assistant Commissioner KVS RO Guwahati Shri J.A.Padmanabhan Principal, KV Narangi, Guwahati Subject Contributors  Mr. B N Marakwar (PGT English, KV Nagaon)  Mr. A K Das (PGT English, KV Bagdogra)  Mr. A K Sharma (PGT English, KV Nehu Shillong)  Mr. Mahesh N. Gakre (PGT English, KV Missa Cantt.)  Mr. K L Pathak (PGT English, KV Narangi) SECTION - A Reading Comprehension - 15 Marks READING Reading Unseen Passages for Comprehension and Note Making This section will have two unseen passages followed by a variety of questions. The total length of the two passages shall be around 1100 (600 + 500). Question 1: Long Reading Passage of 600 Words 08 Marks Question 1 shall have two sets of questions a) 6 Questions carrying 1 mark each, out of which two shall be MCQs - 6x1= 6 Marks b) Vocabulary Testing - 2 Questions carrying one mark each. 2x1= 2 Marks Question 2: Reading Passage of 500 Words for Summary and Note Making 07 Marks a) Note making - 5 Marks b) Summary - 2 Marks - Reading skill is one of the cardinal skills of language. As listening paves the way for speaking skills, reading skill enhances the confidence of the learner in his written presentation. Comprehension means understanding or perception. Points to remember while attempting this section. Develop ability to comprehend the passage as a whole Concentrate on the main ideas and important vocabulary To save time, read the questions first and then the passage. Answer the questions in simple language  Make a habit of regular reading of a newspaper, magazine (Speaking tree from The Times Of India, Down to Earth Magazine, Editorial (The Hindu)
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