The Porter And The Three Ladies

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“The Porter and the Three Ladies” The story of The Porter and the Three Ladies is all about when to speak and not to. Especially, if you’re a guest in someone else’s house, the results of opening your mouth or questioning the home owner could be devastating. Or even worse, life taking. Shahrazad begins the story by introducing us to a man, whom is a Porter, and his encounter with 3 most gorgeous sisters he has ever laid eyes upon. The sisters welcome him with a feast fit for a king, and endulge him with wine. As the sister and Porter get drunk they begin to bond and continue drinking on into the night. While the festivities continue, three dervishes all blind in the right eye appear at the sister’s doorstep saying this was their first time in the city of Baghdad. The sister told them the rulers and how they should not ask any questions about what they see and all three Dervishes agreed and continued to feast, drink, and play music. As the night goes on, the sisters receive another knock on their door. This time from Caliph Harum al-Rashid and Ja’far claiming they had been partying as well and were running from the police. The sisters took their story into consideration to let them in under one condition which is to not ask questions about what they see. They agree and everyone drinks and parties. Finally, after every one is drunk, the sisters sit the seven men on the couch and continue doing some sort of ritual as the men watch. The porter brings one of the sisters a black dog and beats it with a whip until the dog faints. After, they start to cry with the poor weeping dog. The porter brings her the second black dog and she does the same thing to it. While the men watch they are in shock and awe as to what is going on. Another sister starts reciting a song while playing a lute. When she finishes, the sister rips her clothes off revealing whelps as if from

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