The Pool of Siloam

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TheTruth Bone Yard Able Archeological Proof #2: The Pool of Siloam Emerald Able Mr Marr 1 Bible October 22, 2012 The first Pool of Siloam was constructed in the first century AD to supply water for the city of Jerusalem. The water that flowed into the pool came from a spring through Hezekiah's tunnel, built in the 8th century. King Hezekiah tunnel was built under the city to keep the water supply safe , in case of an attack by the assyrians. According to some Bible scholars, it is believed that the pool of Siloam supplied the pool of Bethesda. The Placenza pilgrim (6th century) wrote: You descend by many steps to Siloam, and above Siloam is a hanging basicilica beneath which the water of Siloam rises. Siloam has two basins constructed of marble which are separated each other by a screen Men was in one and women in the other to gain a blessing. In these waters miracles take place, and lepers are cleansed. In front of the court is large man-made pool and people are continually washing there; for at regular intervals the spring sends a great deal of water into the basins, which goes down the valley of Gethsemane (which they also call Jehosaphat) as far as the River Jordan. The Pool of Siloam was used by the Jews during the Feast of Tabernacle for their purification rituals. Jesus used the
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