The Policy Process Analysis

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The Policy Process Pt. Two Sharkia Fountain HCS/455 April 11, 2011 Bette Sorrento Once the first stage of a policy has been completed one still have to complete the final stages of the process. These stages consist of evaluation, analysis, and revision along with one other stage. Nonetheless, putting this together will help to make this policy process become law in regard to the HIV/AIDS epidemic within the United States and Nationwide areas. After the plans have been issued, there is an evaluation that needs to be performed to test how the well the plan is implemented. This plan is to make sure programs receive the information out about how to prevent HIV/AIDS virus. This evaluation needs to include the statics…show more content…
Last the analysis team or department are those that maintain and ensure that the organization is meeting the requirements for the organization to further their productive for long-term or short-term goals by following all the rules and regulations along with their job performance within the organization. At the moment the evaluation and the analysis of the policy process for HIV/AIDS has been completed by all parties. One more important part that needs to be considered which the revision process is. Because the revision process is in swing the organization must do the following to stay in compliance until there is another review with OSHA or upper management thinks that the policy is violated. Basically with this step the organization has implemented new tools to help improve the way information can be handling concerning any individual who comes into contact with bodily fluids. The new way for this is to make sure that gloves are available and worn at all times. Continual educations about preventive measures, and do and do not with unprotected…show more content…
Nonetheless, the health care facilities may see an increase in funding because they are not spending has much income in advertisement to educate individuals about HIV/AIDS. Meanwhile they are still contributing to the HIV/AIDS awareness. However, they can increase in technology to help promote and serve patients in their facilities. The purpose for this law is to fully educate individuals about the history of the HIV/AIDS virus where it comes from, how to prevent becoming infected, and ways that the virus is spread throughout the minority community. Also to inform individual what he/she can do to obtain the proper care from health care facilities and how he/she is better equipped to handle a deadly virus. By the side of decreasing and not an increasing the number of infected individuals in the future. Whereas the death rate in return will also decrease, while helping to find a cure or different medicine to slow advancement of the transmission

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