The Poisonwood Bible

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Assignment: Using the study questions below as your guide, read The Poisonwood Bible, marking significant passages with post-its (or as you see fit). If you purchase the novel, I encourage you to write in them. The book is long- although you are required to read it in its entirety. It has frequently been on the AP exam and therefore, is a worthwhile read. Study Questions for The Poisonwood Bible: 1. How does Kingsolver present the double themes of captivity and freedom and of love and betrayal? What kind of captivity and freedom does she explore/ What kinds of love and betrayal? What are the causes and consequences of each kind of captivity, freedom, love, and betrayal? In the novel, Kingsolver presents the themes of captivity and freedom in both physical and spiritual ways. All of the Price women are emotional captives of their father and husband, Nathan. He is abusive and controlling. They each have a unique emotional captivity as well. Adah is crippled emotionally and physically, Rachel is crippled emotionally and grows into a woman constantly seeking approval from low-life men. Orleanna is crippled emotionally and it scars her and affects her relationships with her children. The women are also spiritual captives to Nathan's version of religion, which is presented as fundamental extremism in this novel. None of them experience any of the freedom that true faith allows, which is disturbing, since they are a family of missionaries supposed to be bringing the "good news" to the natives. They are also physically captive. Physically, they are all stuck in Africa with no way of returning to the United States. Adah is captive physically because of her disability, but eventually becomes “free” because she works through her disability. Kingsolver also presents the themes of love and betrayal. 2.
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