The Plight of Past Irish & the Freedom of Modern Irish Essay

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When asking people around the globe the simple question of what their nationality is, a significant amount of responses would include Irish or part-Irish. For most people, this simply means that their ancestors, at some point in past history, lived in Ireland. For others however, being Irish holds a much deeper and more significant historical value. In either case, any resemblance between people who actually lived in old-world Ireland and those modern-day people who consider themselves Irish, are mainly superficial. Instead, the differences between the life of past Irish people and modern day Irish people are rather uncanny. The first main point of contrast, and the one most significant to Irish people themselves, is the difference in the level of freedom that the Irish experience. Following the conquering of Ireland by Great Britain’s King Henry VIII in 1536, the Irish faced a period of time plagued with war and forced subordination. Occurrences including the Desmond Rebellion and the Nine Years War took the lives of hundreds of thousands of Irish people who were simply fighting for their very freedom (Jordan and Walsh). Not only did these battles take Irish lives, but they also led to extensively harrowing restrictions on the freedom of survivors. After the re-conquest of Ireland by the British in the late 1500s, these ill became even more pronounced. Here, the entire Irish population was subjected to martial law and was subjected to having their land stripped from them on the whim of British rulers and soldiers (Jordan and Walsh). Ultimately, these restrictions on Irish freedom were extended to the farthest reaches of human suffering when the nation’s rebellion against British imperialists failed. By this point in Irish history, over one-third of its entire population had been killed or forced into exile (Jordan and Walsh). Moreover, any remaining Irish people

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