The Plight of Ada Essay

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Victoria Henderson Ms. Gillis Pre-Ap English 2, Pd 2 13 January 2014 The Plight Of Ada Ada situated herself on the mattress that was pushed into the corner of her dismal, windowless bedroom. She gently rubbed her gravid belly as she sang a sweet chorus. A teardrop slowly fell from her cheek rolling onto her belly. She sang, “They'll never know the hurt that you feel inside. 
The emptiness you try to hide. 

I would melt your eyes that are glassy and cold
. And as for the future when you grow old
. Baby doll
. Baby doll
. They'll never know the hurt you feel inside. 
The emptiness you try to hide.” Ada reached for the outdated television remote on her nightstand. While surfing through the channels, a story on the World News caught her eye. This particular story involved a woman who was arrested for allegedly hiring a doctor to abort her baby. Midway through the report, an outspoken man known to all as “The Guide” began voicing his opinion on this incident. He shouted, “We say the unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life, which cannot be infringed. We will not tolerate any organizations advocating abortion. Women must obey this commandment as it is written in the Holy Text. It is also vital that women remain subservient to men. This is not the 21st century people! I am here to guide you to the right path as long as you follow my orders. In order to ensure your desired destiny, you must give to what truly matters. You know what to do. As your leader, listen to what I say. And that is all.” Henderson 2 Henderson 2 Ada knew exactly what he meant and was angry with those who blindly followed him. It disgusted her how money driven The Guide was. She knew for a fact that the paid taxes were not benefiting civilization in the least. Ada immediately turned off the television and laid back down on her

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