The Playboy And The Nanny Essay

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The Playboy and the Nanny Anne McAllister "Welcome to your new job, Ms. Lewis-.." Nikos continued, "Apparently my father has hired you to baby-sit me!" He was obviously a madman. But he was the most stunningly handsome madman Mari had ever seen. A lesser woman— many lesser women—would have fallen panting at his feet. Mari Lewis was made of sterner stuff. She had a job to fulfill, a reputation to uphold. "Look, Mr. Costanides, I don't know why you're doing this, but—" "You'd do better wondering why my father is doing it.... He hired you." "To take care of his little boy." "To take care of Nikos," her fully-grown, very masculine nemesis agreed. He poked his chest. "Me." CHAPTER ONE Nikos Costanides needed a woman. Not just any woman, either. He needed a babe. Luxuriously blonde. Definitely sultry. Naturally brash. And the blowsier the better. It wouldn't hurt if she wore a skintight leopard-spotted dress, either, he thought with a ghost of a smile. But he wasn't going to hold out for that, he decided as he tucked the telephone under his chin and punched in the number. A close approximation would do just fine. "Debbie's Dollies Escort Service," a voice purred moments later on the other end of the line. Nikos grinned. If the woman who came was as prom-ising as the voice on the phone, he'd be out of here by sundown. "I'd like the services of one of your escorts this afternoon." "Certainly, sir," the voice purred. "Whatever your heart desires." What his heart desired was to be five thousand miles away from his father's Long Island mansion, but he knew that wasn't what the woman on the phone had in mind. Still, she would be helping him get there, so he gave the receptionist an idea of the sort of escort he wanted. "A flagrant sort of woman?"

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