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The play I have chosen to write about is “Fool for Love” written by Sam Shepard. The play starts off with a couple named May and Eddie in a cheap motel in the desert. They seem to be separated because of an affair that Eddie has had with a wealthier woman called “the countess”. May was also waiting for her date named Martin. Also there is an old man that is in both of their minds sitting in a chair talking to them. He seems to be telling the audience about the past which he had been leading a double life with Mays and Eddies mothers; making the two half siblings. Then you find out that when Mays mother find out about the relationship when they were in high school she goes and confronts Eddie’s mother pleading with her to help end the relationship between Eddie and May, when Eddies mother kills herself. By this point the old man was no longer around so he is saying all of this is nonsense in the background. Then the countess wrecks Eddie’s vehicle and he goes out to see, but he never comes back and May packs up and leaves while Martin just stands there. The setting seems to be in a dreary motel with very little around it, creating a space where the characters can be themselves. I feel that May is conflicted on her feeling towards Eddie. She knows that he has done her wrong and knows what has happened when her father leading a double life with two women can result in tragedy. That is exactly what Eddie is doing with her and the countess so she tries to move on with her life by going out with Martin. But also feeling the love she has for Eddie. I think she is also at first running from the truth about the whole thing at first and as Eddie pushes her buttons when he arrives she comes to accept that Eddie is the wrong person for her. I also think the slamming of the doors and how he sets it up on stage with a base drum and have it ring makes a more of an impact rather

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