The Plague Essay

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Global History to 1648 The Plague During the middle ages, there was a big epidemic that basically killed many innocent people. This illness or disease was well known as the plague or Black Death. It was a disease that is endemic in some animals which is caused by the Yersinia pestis bacterium. In other words, this dangerous bacterium can spread through anyone’s blood stream and infect other organs and is usually transferred by fleas. Because of this, many people suffer and or die if they are left untreated. During the middle ages, it killed one third of Europe’s population. This disease comes with symptoms such as chills, fever, ill feeling, headache, muscle pain, seizures, swelling, cough, breathing problems, vomiting, etc. It is something that still exists today. Looking back on this epidemic, I wouldn’t know how I would handle being in this situation. It makes me think of all the lives that were lost; all the families that were torn apart because of it. The children that were left without mothers or fathers or the children themselves that died from the plague itself. Personally, if some mysterious illness was killing my loved ones whether they were my family members or friends, I would probably become insane. I would not know what to do for them or how to help them because it was something that was incurable at the time. Mostly because people didn’t know what it was so they didn’t know how to get rid of it. I wouldn’t even imagine the feels that would rage through my body as I see everyone that I care for suffer because foreigners weren’t aware of good hygiene. I know that if I were put in the situation, I would feel like I need to move forward and somehow protect myself from catching the disease. Even though I would be alone in the world, I know I would have the strength and support of my family in the afterlife looking over me. I would keep

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