The Pits Essay

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Orlando Gonzalez 11/29/10 The pits It was a dim day in Yuzhou, it was scorching and thirst was great among the miners, usually the tell-tale signs not to go mining, but today was important. It was the day the mine opened and it's integral to make a beneficent premier precense to your superiors. The mining wouldn't be the same as another official took power of the minig company. I talked to the other miners to see where was he from and from the looks of it, he was a government official that bought the mine. As the mining was about to commennce, we got our gear and we noticed there were less supplies than in the last mine, but the overseer assured us that it was safer because you would escape faster from the mines. All of us gave the overseer an odd look, one of anger and distrust but we had no choice but to venture into place we would soon call the pits of the underworld. All we carried with us was a beaten helmet, a rusty pickaxe, and something called a self rescuer. I have no idea what it is or why they gave it to us, you think they would have the decency to teach us how to use it. While walking to the mine I was trying to figure out how to get the self rescuer to work so five minutes before We got to our destination I figured out the self respirator is used as a backpack and has two mouthpieces one for a gallon water and another for enough air for an hour. I told as many people as I could how to use it before we got to the mining location. As soon as we got the mining location the overseer started shouting and screeching to mine faster. About three hours in the mine, we stumbled across the biggest coal vein I've seen in 5 years. As we extracted the coal, there was a huge gas outburst killing twenty of the of the miners instantly. Most panicked and ran for the exit as the bodies fell like dominoes in an earthquake and we all knew the

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