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The Pit Dogs have been used for just about everything throughout history. They are known as man’s best friend, but man has misused dogs, forcing them to perform cruel acts. Misuse of pit bull dogs has created a harsh and misunderstood perspective of the breed. Pit bulls date back to the 18th century, when dogs were generally categorized by the jobs they performed rather than by appearance. Pit bulls were created to work as farm dogs. The pit bull terrier was a crossbreed between a terrier, which was typically any dog that dug for vermin, and the bulldog, which was a dog that caught errant cattle. This particular breed is believed to have been created around 1790. (Tullis, 2013) The pit bull breed was at one time very popular. The dogs are hardcore, they served in the military; the 11th Infantry of Pennsylvania at the Battle of Gettysburg was accompanied by a pit bull. Not only did they serve, but the first U.S. Army dog to be promoted to sergeant was a pit. This promotion in a way launched the popularity of the pit bull. (Tullis, 2013) Although pit bulls are hardcore, they are also very kind and gentle. Not many people know that Helen Keller’s dog was a pit bull. For those who don’t know, Helen Keller was an American author, political activist, and lecturer. What makes her ownership of a pit bull so significant is that she was blind and deaf. (Tullis, 2013) This perspective of pit bulls quickly changed around 1976, when controls on animal-fighting ventures were added to the Animal Welfare Act. Pits were starting to be trained as combatants, leading to the popular opinion that the dogs themselves were violent. Throughout the next two decades, stories about vicious pits mauling innocent children appeared in news outlets across the country, drawing the curtain on having a family-friendly reputation. (Tullis, 2013) What it takes to make a pit dangerous is the

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