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The Pit “Memorial” written by Theodore Sturgeon, is a short science-fiction novella taking place in the late 1940’s. War causes mass depression and human relentlessness shortly after the United States declared war, and dropped the first ever atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. Humanity, especially U.S citizens feared for their lives, they believed a counter nuclear attack will be launched. Many truly believed the end of the world was shortly arriving. Dr. Grenfell, a proclaimed “Mad” scientist, develops a strategy in where he believes that all type of war and war-like activities will come to an end, and world peace will finally be achieved. However, every action produces a reaction, when saving the world; these figures must be accounted for. Too many, war is portrayed as an act of violence, fear and bloodshed. Too few it is known as a last act for salvation. Governmental figures believed, especially during this era, that war was the only way to maintain and resolve issues within the society or abroad. Fear tactics were used increasingly, the thought of a nuclear attack was terrifying U.S citizens. “Anyway, the world is filled with builders- and destroyer. I’d just as soon sit by and watch, and feel things. I like my environment, Grenfell. I want to feel all I can of it, while it lasts. It won’t last much longer. I want to touch all of it I can reach, hear it, while there’s time.” (Pg.220-1. T.S). This quotation brings out the train of thought that U.S citizens were experiencing at the time. Their first instinct was to develop a new innovative weapon which will help bring terror and fear to foreign countries. Early in this tale, we are introduced to both of the main characters. Dr. Grenfell, an experienced scientist, who has worked closely with military figures in developing new weaponry, until he had come to a realisation that fear, not war will solve humanities

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