The Pious, The Impious And The Ugly Essay

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The Pious, the Impious and the Ugly by __________________ The opinions of these subjects of piety and the essence or form of good vs. evil are undoubtedly to be affected by one’s own beliefs and religious and spiritual practices. If I myself were a devout religious man then I may have a different knowledge that might make me more inclined to believe or not to believe being pious can be achieved by following an ingrained essence or model of pious and impious actions. Socrates asked Euthyphro for a form of pious vs. impious. Did Socrates believe that Euthyphro could answer this? Or at least be able to answer it within an hour dialogue? If I were Euthyphro, I may have answered Socrates with The Golden Rule; do unto others as you would want done unto you. This rule is what I use as a tool to being good. I do admit, that it cannot answer all pious vs. impious actions, just actions done unto others. It would appear that Euthyphro might be an authority on piety. If he was to follow it so strictly that he would indict his own father. After the time of Socrates and his unapologetic apology, a different god carved into stone a model for all his subjects to use to live a pious life. It would be called the Ten Commandments. But Socrates would have called it incomplete and insufficient. These are only ten actions that one should not do. There are millions and millions of possible actions that can be pious, and just as many that can be impious. Now, can what Socrates was looking for from Euthyphro be found, an essence of piety? Yes. The essence is in the knowledge gained through experience. When a medical student walks out of medical school with degree in hand, he or she has the knowledge of medicine, but not the essence. Not until he or she has years of experience and knowledge, do they gain the essence of medicine. A man has never and will never

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