The Pigman Essay

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CHAPTER 1 The narrator of chapter 1 is John, who will alternate chapters with Lorraine. He declares immediately his dislike for school, but indicates that if not for this dislike, he and Lorraine would never have met Angelo Pignati, nicknamed the Pigman. John shows us his extreme dislike for school by detailing his behavior there. He had been dubbed the Bathroom Bomber because he set off bombs in the men’s room. The time between his lighting the fuse and the explosion was about eight minutes, so John could hear it anywhere he was in the building, which brought him great satisfaction. It also meant that any boy who had sneaked off to have a cigarette in the bathroom would be the one who was blamed by the “gestapo” (one of John’s colorful names for authority figures). He also was the organizer for the “super colossal fruit roll” every Wednesday in which the students would gather up apples from the lunchroom and roll them at the same time towards any teacher’s desk. He declares that now that he is a sophomore, he has given up all “that kid stuff” and only writes on desks as his criminal enterprise. Reaction This is our first introduction to John and he is quite a character! He shows us his “James Dean rebel without a cause” attitude and reveals that he is close to being a real delinquent. He hasn’t yet taken the more serious steps of real crime, but he has no interest in school, doesn’t play sports, and generally hates everything, especially teachers and authority figures. We get a sense that he has the potential for choosing a lifethat wouldn’t make him exactly a model citizen. It is important to note, however, that he has voluntarily chosen to give up cursing, at Lorraine’s request, which shows he may have a side of his character that understands how to share and show respect. CHAPTER 2 Lorraine speaks in this chapter and observes that John has the
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