The Philadelphia Story Essay

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I recently attended the Bellevue Little Theater production of “The Philadelphia Story.” This comedy is set in a mansion in a wealthy Philadelphia suburb during the 1930’s. The cast of characters include the heroine, Tracey, a young divorced woman, her mother, Margaret, her father, sister, Dinah, Uncle Willie, fiancé, George and her ex-husband, Dex. Also in the cast are a newspaper reporter and photographer, Mike and Liz. Tracey is planning a new wedding and everyone converges on the mansion for the festivities. Her parents are separated because of her father’s infidelity and the newspaper publisher has threatened to run an unsavory story about her father’s affair. The publisher sends his employees for the exclusive story. Tracey and Dinah put on a dramatic, crazy act to keep the newspaper from the true story. Tracey introduces Uncle Willie as her father and when her father unexpectedly arrives, she introduces him as her Uncle Willie. In the midst of this, her Dex also arrives for lunch at the invitation of Dinah. Dex and Tracey were divorced because Tracey was unwilling for forgive Dex for some undisclosed sin. Dex would like a reconciliation, and tells her that her George is not right for her and that she needs to learn to forgive both Dex and her father. After lunch, the father sets Liz and Mike straight about the parties’ true identities and the reporters begin to realize that the antics at lunch have been an elaborate act. Later, at a party, the Tracey and the Mike both have too much to drink and go to the pool for a swim. It appears to her George that Tracey and the Mike have had sex and George calls off the wedding. When Mike announces that nothing happened, the George wants the wedding to go forward but the Tracey has now realized that it would be a mistake to marry George. Tracey now understands that everyone

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