The Phantom Offense Essay

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ENG 135, Week 3 Assignment | The Phantom Offense | By: Sean G. McQueen | California without a doubt has the highest traffic congestion. In the Top Ten Worst American cities for traffic, Los Angeles metropolitan area checks in at #1(Malone, 2006).Though California might also be one of the top states with high DUI ratings, fellow motorists fear a more phantom offense; Road rage. Similar to a DUI offense, drivers committing road rage do unreasonable things, getting into dangerous situations and may likely be part of an accident or actually cause it. Anybody that is human and is driving on the road can be susceptible to potentially wreaking havoc on public streets; does not necessarily have to be a chronic offender as one would normally find in a drunk driver. Many forms of road rage could range from zipping between lanes to just simply having the audio system a little higher than normal. The thought of this phenomenon is scary because it is contagious. When people on the road behave aggressively, they anger and irritate fellow motorists. In turn, they will want to retaliate and act out as well; it’s like a domino effect taking place. Ironically, the very root of this problem is stress. Anger then follows. A bad day at work? Marital problems? Got in a car accident (No pun intended)? All of these are examples that contribute to stress. When gathered in high levels, stress starts to take a toll physically and mentally. It is vital to manage stress because if left unchecked, our bodies tend to find other ways to disperse some of that ominous force; unfortunately not for the better. According to studies, road rage can be linked to bad dieting. Anger, an emotional response to rising stress levels, can cause a blowup behind the wheel. To help prevent such animosity, most Americans unknowingly resort to fast food or “comfort foods”. Two good ways to manage or

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