The Pert Mustang

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Case Study: The Pert Mustang Introduction 1) Vikky Roberts is planning to expand her business, RASAS, by entering the vintage car restoration business. RASAS already includes a three car dealership: two parts stores, body/paint shop, and one auto salvage yard. Roberts wants to analyse how well this new business would fit into her business. She plans to restore her own 1965 Shelby Mustang into mint condition as possible to display it in the car exhibit show for advertisement purposes. Roberts sees a real future for this business because many people have the thrill and the finance to restore his/her old antique vehicle but do not have the time to do so. This new business may fit well along the other three businesses as all of these businesses can be offered as an all for one package deal. For example, restoring an old vehicle requires replacing parts that are not working properly; and after finishing the interior, the vehicle could be repainted to look brand new. These businesses complement each other as RASAS already has two part stores and a body/paint shop. This new vintage car restoration business would be categorized into two areas: Parts Broker and Information and Restoration Centre. Parts Broker will offer customers with new old stock (old brand new stock that are still packaged and never sold) and replicate parts that are hard to find or may no longer exist. Information and Restoration Centre would include compiling parts list and body manuals for customers who would like to do it for themselves or take charge of the entire restoration of the car. This project is to be completed within 45 working days in order to put the Mustang into exhibition at the auto show. The Mustang should be restored into mint condition without customization. There are also some aspects Roberts has to look into such as the competitive priorities which include:

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