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The Personalities Essay

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  • on October 2, 2012
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As we enter into the late adulthood of life, we continue to change physically, cognitively, and socio-emotionally. Everyone has different perspectives regarding age and this directly relates personal experiences. Reflect on your current age and address the following:
What are some examples of the physical and cognitive changes people go through when they enter late adulthood?
Did you expect the age in which you currently are, would be different than it is?
Where would you like to see yourself ten years from now in terms of your family life, career, and education?
Your initial response should be 150-200 words in length and is due by Thursday, Day 3. Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts by Monday, Day 7. (You must create one initial post and at least two responses, for a minimum of three posts for this discussion.) 
question 1 answer:

Cognitive changes. The study of cognitive changes in the older population is complex. Response speeds (neural and motor) have been reported to decline; some researchers believe that age-related decrease in working memory is the crucial factor underlying poorer performance by the elderly on cognitive tasks.
Intellectual changes in late adulthood do not always result in reduction of ability. While fluid intelligence (the ability to see and to use patterns and relationships to solve problems) does decline in later years, crystallized intelligence (the ability to use accumulated information to solve problems and make decisions) has been shown to rise slightly over the entire life span. K. Warner Schaie and Sherry Willis reported that a decline in cognitive performance could be reversed in 40% to 60% of elderly people who were given remedial training.
Dementias are usually responsible for cognitive defects seen in older people. These disorders, however, occur only in about 15% of people over 65. The leading cause of dementia in the United States is Alzheimer's disease, a progressive, eventually fatal disease...

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