The Person Who Influenced My Life Essay

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The Person Who Influence My Life There is always a time when a hero comes along. Some one who has inspired you and help you learn what life is about or should be. The nature/nurture theory scholars have emphasized the import of both genetics and environment on personality development. Just like the proverbial saying ‘show me your friend and I will tell you whom you are’ likewise the quality of ones mindset is a function of his mentor, role model or ‘influencer’. Peoples’ lives to a large extent are built by influences from their environment [the state of the society, the people they mingle with, the information at their disposal and the mentor(s) they choose etc].However, the most important element here is the mentor(s) one chooses as a role model. Influence is a major raw material in mind programming or mind setting and mentorship is all about influence. Influence itself is a Latin word ‘Influo’ which means to flow in. Hence to have influence on some one means to reprogram a person’s mindset with your own mindset and to make him believe and begin to think and act like you. It is an act of discipleship of a person into a specific philosophy and ideology of life. Therefore writing about a person who has influence my life is the same thing as writing about a person that have mentored or modeled my thinking patterns and thereby influence how my attitudes reflects in the outside world. The most influential person in my life is my Pastor. Basically, among many other positive in fluencies, my Pastor has influenced me into believing there are three basic principles in life which to me I considered to be three pillars of a successful life. These three elements reprogramme into my mind have changed my life orientation and have made me always believe in the positive side of life. Included in these three are: A. Hope: My Pastor’s life and

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