The Perks of Being a Wall Flower Analysis

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Molly Pals University Seminar 11/27/10 The Perks of Being a Wallflower Bibliography- Chbosky, Stephen. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. 1999. Main Characters: Charlie- Genius, something from his past is affecting his life but he cannot remember what it is, reads a lot of books that are given to him by his English teacher Sam- Charlie’s crush, Brings Charlie in as a friend but also introduces him to the party scene Patrick- Sam’s stepbrother, gay, has a secret relationship with the star QB of the school Older Sister- Typical high school teenager, thinks she is in love, hit by her boyfriend, gets pregnant but has an abortion Big Brother- In College, football player, comes home twice during the school year Aunt Helen- Sexually abused Charlie when he was a young boy, died a few years before the book’s current setting Teacher- Gives Charlie extra books and assignments because he is smarter than everyone else Anonymous friend- receiver of Charlie’s thought provoking letters Summary: Unlike the other books I have read so far for this class, this has a lot of small issues that would take pages to write about. The other books just had a couple of large issues that were easy to talk about. I’ll do my best to keep this summary short. The format of the story is about a freshman in high school who is writing to an “anonymous” friend. The young man, Charlie, just lost a friend, possibly his only friend to a suicide has psychological problems, can’t get the one girl he loves; while at the same time is an absolute genius. He thinks out loud to his “friend” about a lot of things that are very thought-provoking. Luckily, he meets a couple new friends at a high school football game who are legitimate good people. Patrick is gay, but also very kind, and Sam is beautiful and Charlie’s crush. Charlie’s new friends also show him the bad side of being in high

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