The Period He Was Prime Minister Essay

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The Period He Was Prime Minister. He was referred to as “The Father of The Nation.” In September 1956-1959 he became Chief Minister. Premier from 1959-1962. Prime Minister from 1962-1981. During his tenure he led Trinidad and Tobago into the Federation of the W.I and the independence-1962. In 1976 he declared the country a Republic. He played a major role in shaping the nation’s political and social landscapes. He was described as efficient, prompt organized and orderly. In 1963 he inaugurated his “meet the people tour” designed as an exercise in direct democracy and he also promoted community development. In the 1970’s Dr, Eric Williams use the revenue from the oil boom to finance a variety of social programmes. He was faced with the “Black Power Revelation” together with industrial conflict and a mutiny in the army in 1970. In 1973 Trinidad benefitted from the international rise in oil prices, lucrative steel, gas and petro-chemical industry with significant state ownership including the construction of the Point Lisas Industrial Estate. Dr. Eric Williams sought to bring races and the nation together with a population of diverse ethnicities and religions. He did not enter the arena for material benefit. He died in office on Sunday March 29, 1981 and was later revealed that he was a diabetic and died in a diabetic coma. REFERENCES: Parliamentary Library. Inward Hunger : The Education of a Prime Minister. London: Andre Deutsch,1970. PNM Perspectives in the World of the Seventies: An Address. Port- of – Spain: PNM Publishing,
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