The Perils of Unethical Hiring

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The Perils of Unethical Hiring: Is The Sin of Familiarity a Necessary Evil for the Better Good? Mr. Luis E. Branch Liberty University July 4, 2014 EDUC 740-D04 Professor: Dr. Araceli Montoya The Perils of Unethical Hiring: Is The Sin of Familiarity a Necessary Evil for the Better Good? Introduction Webster's dictionary defines ethics as "a system of moral principles." Ethics give a society or an individual a set of rules of conduct. I recently observed a scenario that is much too prevalent in today’s workplace or institutions. This practice has become so ritualistic that it is technically an unwritten rule. One that most people do not even dare question either for fear of repercussion from either supervisor or colleagues or simply to appear to be in accordance with the environment culture. It is an evil that is often used along side the ideology of “for the good of everyone.” That is what most of us knows as the “sin of familiarity.” Most supervisors and his/her employment staff are more likely to hire someone whom they know over someone they have nor heard of or met. In some cases the have no reason to doubt someone else’s recommendations whom they also know well rather than taking the risk of hiring someone they never heard of but may be equally or better qualified to do the job. a. I was called upon to sit in on an interview for a new hire in my department for the upcoming school year. As we were sitting waiting for the interviewees to be called one by one, one of the teachers whom is retiring and for whose position we were interviewing, turned to the rest of us and said, “Look out for Ms. ‘X.’ She was a prior student of mine and as far as I am concerned she will be the best qualified to replace me.” Out of respect and (I suppose) honor to this retiring teacher they all began to patronize his claims about Ms. “X” to the point that no one

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