The Perfect Time Essay

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N/A Professor Robertson ENG 101 1 November 2011 The Way Time Changes There comes a time in our lives when you have to face the world on your own without the help from your parents or other acquaintance. Five years ago I was thirteen, living home with my parents. Now I’m eighteen living life on my own, learning that many things in my life have changed in many ways, such as my environment, my responsibilities & duties, goals, and effort. Although five years ago I was back home living with my parents and my siblings, my environment has changed dramatically. When I was in elementary school I never had the time of day to have peace in my own home because of my parents arguing every day. The neighborhood was full of criminals and gang bangers trying to break into my home at any given time of the day. I didn’t have a place to study or do homework because of the consistant commotion going on between my parents and sometimes even my sister and her friends. Every day while sitting in my room, my heart pounded in fear of the emergency vehicle flying past my window. On the other hand, its five years later and my environment has completely changed. I’m no longer living with my parents or siblings because I’m away in college in my own dorm where I finally have peace. I can walk around the campus not worrying about gangs on the street corner or criminals trying to break into my home. I also have many places to study, whether in my room or in another quiet place without any commotion. My heart now beats at a slow gentle pace not having to worry about emergency vehicles flying past my window. Even though five years ago the environment I was experiencing wasn’t the best, that is the place I call home. Growing up in a household of nine, it could get really messy sometimes. That’s where the word chores came in. Every day after I came home from school the first thing

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