The Perfect Place to Relax

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Everyone has a pressure sometimes and has a different way to relaxed. For someone, it could be a quiet place, such as a bedroom or a living room. For another one, it could be the hustling, full of people just like a shopping mall. Everyone has a unique place to relax. As for me, my bedroom is a place where I can feel more comfortable and relaxed in because I am the only one who owns this room. It os designed and decorated in the way I like. When you come into my room, the first sight to catch your attention is a large window in the middle of the room in front of you. It is a very large and wide window which allows the sunlight to brighten every corner of my bedroom during the daytime. When you walk nearly to the window, the outside has a small garden in the porch. There are many flowers and small tree I love and plant by myself, such as cactus, rose, and chrysanthemum. On the right side of my bedroom is my personal space because there is a large which full of my clothes, and some clothes I have never touched since I have bought it. The beside of my wardrobe is a dressing table. I love to dress and make-up following my feeling of that day. so, sometimes people will see me like sweet, charming, or sometimes like a ghost because on that day I am too lazy to make-up. On the left side of my bedroom is my bed. It is an amazing bed of comfort as I plop down on it. It is the place where I take many naps and relaxing sleep at night. Most of time I lay on my bed listening to some relaxing music from my mobile or reading the book I like. Besides my bed is a small and long table which full of my books, and I put the fabric on the top of the table. Even if the table is a small but it is very strong, I like to sit on it and do nothing only to watch my small garden and enjoy out of the window in a quiet moment. In conclusion, my bedroom is the perfect place to relax

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