The Perfect Image For Black Women Essay

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Trisha Hazzard April 19, 2012 English 101 The argument is that why black women go through such lengths when it comes to their hair. He makes you want to think if black women went to great lengths to change their appearance just to become white. African American hair that has not been treated with chemicals can be referred to as nappy, a negative connotation for their hair. This type of hair is looked down upon even within the African American communities. The term originates from a time when natural, coarse hair was considered ugly and undesirable. In the movie black women actually look forward to being in the salons for long hours and spending large amounts of money on hair that is not their own. In the black hair business, the most profitable portion is the sale and maintenance of weaves. Women can expect to invest six to eight hours in the salon getting their hair braided into sections and then having tracks of hair attached onto the braids . Chris Rock goes to salons and ask different black women and even interviews celebrities who don’t even wear their own hair. They provide their own insights on “good hair” as well as their own personal stories in dealing with black hair. The evidence he uses is that he looked up the main ingredient for a relaxer and shows how it damages the hair so badly that even if the relaxer fully comes out of the hair that hair won’t ever really grow. Children as low as the age of 3 years old getting relaxers in their hair. They see the dolls in the toy stores and they see the hair that black dolls have and they want hair like that. Also nowadays people couldn’t manage thick natural black hair so they use relaxer to make it easier to manage. The hair comes from India where in there culture they have no problem cutting off their hair because it’s part of there religion. I agree with Chris Rock is trying to say when it comes to

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