The Perfect Family Get Away

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THE PERFECT FAMILY GETAWAY My family and I always take a vacation, or a trip just to get away. One year we went to the perfect family getaway, “California”. California was the perfect family getaway because of its beautiful scenery, historical landmarks, and fun family activities. My family and I had a blast! We started out by waking up at the Four Seasons Hotel located at Beverly Hills in Los Angeles, California. It was amazing! Forty six inch flat screen televisions in each room, including the bathroom; Whirlpool bath tubs in every bathroom, hell my kids thought they were in Jacuzzis. They had wet bars filled with the most exclusive cognac and vodka. Of course that was my favorite part, besides the fact that we were right at the foot of the most amazing shopping strip ever! Gucci, Armani, Lucky brand, Chanel; OMG! I almost lost my mind. My husband literally had to drag me by the back of my shirt to our rental car. Our children were laughing, especially my daughter; because she knows how mommy loves to shop. He finally he got me away from the strip, and we were off to do some sightseeing. Our first stop was the Hollywood sign of course. My kids thought for some reason it was climbable. No, it was at least one hundred feet tall, and on a mountain of grass or something. Then we went to check out Olevra Street. Of course we couldn’t leave without seeing how Los Angeles began. It felt as if we were in Old Mexico! They had Mexican Art, giftware, leather goods, novelties’, and was filled with Mexican restaurants. We ate at Cielito Lind’s. When we first walked in it smelled like a giant taco, but we got farther to the back it was more of a goat cheese smell. It wasn’t the most pleasant smell, but of course we had to try something. My

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