The Perfect Family Essay

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A lot of people want a perfect family life, like the ones you see on television, where they can talk openly to their parents or children and offer the moral support needed. What they want is a happily married father and mother. A family with no sibling rivalry. There really is no such thing as the “perfect family”. Every family has their arguments and their flaws. Some live in single parent households and see the absent parent on the weekends or hardly at all. There are families that are made up of stepparents and step siblings. There is also the adopted family, whether it be an adopted sibling or an adopted parent. Getting a divorce a few decades ago was an abomination to marriage in a lot of societies. However, divorce rates continue to go up. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Census 2000 “[e]xperts estimate that 40% to 50% of existing marriages will end in divorce”(Colombo, 18). So, according to this statistic more and more children are growing up in broken homes. Growing up in a broken home may be better than growing up in an unhappy household, where both parents are arguing about anything from financial means to the smallest disagreements. From personal experience, I did not know my father until I was eighteen years old. I lived with my mother, my step father, and my half sister. Most of my weekends and school vacations were spent at my Grandparent's house, because my home life wasn't all that great my parent's drank and argued a lot. There were times I wished that it was just me and my mom again, because I remember times being a lot happier then. Many television shows for families, from the 1950's to the 1970's portray a family as being happy all the time, but what they don't show is the hard times the common family can have. Gary Soto explained what he wanted his family to be like and what a lot of other people would like to have in their family

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