The Perfect Body

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The Perfect Body Body image refers to one’s perception of his or her own body. People with a good body image are happy with the way they look, and people with a poor body image are not. The ideal body that the media portrays is a body that is nearly impossible to achieve for everyone except for a select few. Because of this “perfect” body that the media endorses that teenagers should look like, ninety percent of teens have a poor body image (Rapini). A large number of individuals develop their body image based on this image provided by the media, which judge attractiveness based on if the person is thin or has the biggest and most tone muscles; thus causing individuals to feel not good enough and causes them to take drastic and unnecessary measures to achieve that body portrayed by the media. Although people think that the media only affects females and their body image, that is not always the case. Teenage males have pressure put on them to be the biggest and strongest, to have the most “cut” abs and to bench press more than the next guy. When a guy sees another guy that is stronger than he is, he tends to feel inferior to that guy. Commercials such as the Hanes commercials show off guys with nearly perfect bodies and make anyone who doesn’t look like him feel like he is not good enough. Since men are constantly wanting to be stronger, some resort to anabolic steroids. Researchers have found that even though the steroids increase muscle mass, bigger does not necessarily mean stronger. Steroids cause many negative side effects, such as decrease in the production of lipoproteins and an increase in risk of heart attacks, strokes, and liver disease (Angier). One effect is increased levels of estrogen in the body, which leads to female-like breast tissue. So ironically, men take steroids to try to achieve the body that the media says that men should have, but instead
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