The Peral Essay

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First for all, math, English, science and history is definitely should give priority over music, arts and physical education. Because math, English, science and history is the basic knowledge of our world, English is what I use right now, which is the tool of communication, the first thing we have to learn in order to survive. Math is for the daily life, you cannot live without counting number, the money we use and calculation, everything needs to be calculated, for example, we need to calculate our income and expenses to balance to make sure we don’t spent over what could paid, bigger, the atomic bomb, we need to calculate to make sure every step is accurate and precise. Back to my words, science is what we believe, if a person live without belief, he/she is just like a living dead, a man without his soul, because the sound I am making, the step I just walked on is all include science in it. Finally, the history is our spirit, if a person, a family and even a country wants to become powerful, it has to have its own history, its own deposition of time. Otherwise, it will like a flower, beautiful at a moment and die away very soon. On the other hand, music and arts also are based on these knowledge. A person can live without music, arts and physical education, but cannot live without math, English, science and history. My second opinion of this topic is the evolution of human’s society cannot develop without math, English, science and history. The reason of United States of America is so powerful and is the best country in our world is because it is always developing. But in its growth, we can obviously find it is the success of science. Every weapon, aircraft and tank we produce, there is nothing to do with art and music. A country has its own science and technology research office but only have art and music museums. There is a huge gap in it. The teaching of

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