The Pearl Essay

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“Kino had a rifle across his arm and Juana carried her shawl like a sack over her shoulder. And in it was a small limp bundle… (88)” This passage describes the scene when Kino and his wife Juana had come back after leaving their small village with their baby son, Coyotito. But one thing, rather one person was missing in that return, Coyotito. In the beginning of the book Kino had found a pearl, the “Pearl of the World,” as it is described in the novel. The pearl was a huge success in his otherwise unsuccessful life, so naturally it brought a lot of joy to the family. Kino had many intentions for the pearl and he believed that he would easily accomplish them with its help. But it soon becomes quite apparent that the pearl is supposedly valueless and brings only potentially fatal casualties along wherever it goes. Kino is very determined, however, to achieve the goals of a better life that he had already thought out, so he decides to take his wife and child and go to the capital where he is sure he will get a respectable price he believes he deserves for a pearl as majestic as his. But on the way to the capital, the family finds that they are being hunted and so they go on the run for nearly a day. When Kino finally decides that he must stop running and face his pursuers, he leaves his family in a cave, in the dead of the night, and tries to attain a gun from one of the male hunters so that he can get rid of his pursuers permanently. The plan is successful, but there is one major consequence. During the scuffle for the gun, a shot is fired… and Coyotito ends up dead. Because of Kino’s dramatic confidence and stubborn nature his own son died. Kino had several motives for holding onto the pearl for as long as he did. One of them was, as previously stated, confidence. The night after he had discovered the pearl “[His] face

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