The Patriot Review

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Bowman 1 “The Patriot” A Review of Roland Emmerich’s Film Christian Bowman Austin Community College History 1301-066 Professor Melissa Bonafont October 16th, 2012 Bowman 2 Christian Bowman Professor Bonafont History 1301-066 October 15, 2012 “The Patriot” A Review of Roland Emmerich’s Film In the year 2000, Columbia Pictures teamed up with Centropolis Entertainment to provide a period piece about the American Revolutionary War. They hired Roland Emmerich to produce and direct a film written by Robert Rodat. Rodat had previously written “Saving Private Ryan” and the studio’s knew that his was the right script to cinematically capture this segment of history, albeit not historically accurate, and provide a tightly woven tale balancing historical interpretation, strong fictional characters, and a thrilling story (IMDB). Roland Emmerich had a substantial resume prior to filming “The Patriot” with blockbuster movies such as “Godzilla” and “Independence Day”. His ability to provide powerful and overwhelmingly grandiose action and adventure while keeping focus on the humanity and humility of the character’s arc of emotion proved to the studio’s that he was the right man to helm the film (IMDB). Mel Gibson had just completed “Braveheart”, which won Best Director and Best Picture. He also had a list of strong credits that made him a perfect choice for the lead actor playing the fictional character of Benjamin Martin, who was loosely based on American Revolutionaries: Francis Marion , Elijah Clarke, Daniel Morgan, Andrew Pickens and Thomas Sumter (The Patriot: Film Fact or Fiction). The film also starred Bowman 3 Heath Ledger, who had a major credit in “10 Things I Hate About You”, as Gabriel Martin, Benjamin’s son (IMDB). The film begins in York county, South Carolina during the American Revolution in 1776. Benjamin Martin is a craftsman and farmer living
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