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The Patriot Movie Review "The Patriot" is about an upbeat and dynamic Revolutionary War, told by the view points of the families that would have gone through this event in history. Taking place in 1776, this forceful fight was going on in the North at this time. While anyone willing to fight against Britain was being apprentice by the South. A Veteran of the French and Indian war, who wants independence from Britain, is the main character. His name is Benjamin Martin and he is unwilling to go to war. Due to the risk of his own children's safety, who are motherless. In spite of his view, his son Gabriel has a totally different view of war. Enlisting himself, for the army with out his father’s approval. Soon after, Benjamin helps wounded solders in his own house, he is called a traitor for doing so. Causing Gabriel, to almost loose his life and get hanged. Thomas, who is also Benjamin son, attempts to save Gabriel only causing his own death. He is shot by the Colonel William Tavington, who then orders Benjamin's house to be burned. Benjamin and his two younger sons then gun down over 20 redcoats and rescue Gabriel. Earning Benjamin the nickname of "The Ghost”. As a result Benjamin wants revenge, enlisting himself to fight for independence of the thirteen colonies. He then has to leaves his children with their aunt Charlotte. Benjamin then becomes a general and leads his own colonial militia, with Gabriel by his side. This Small Militia is formed by locals, that want to help fight against the British as well as for personal revenge. Gabriel is then killed in battle by Tavington . Making Benjamin very depresses and sad, to the point of him not wanting to fight no more. Then in battle, he fights with Tavington and kills him. He succeeds, soon realizing why everyone is fighting for. He decides to move on with America, now he has something to fight for. Although,

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