The Patriot Fact Or Fiction

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The Patriot Fact or Fiction? The movie The Patriot is a critically acclaimed historical fiction movie. This movie is believed by many to be accurate, while others feel that this movie tends to be altered for more drama. Well, after I viewed this movie for the past two class periods. I have to say this movie was historically inaccurate in a number of ways. I will now explain to you in my essay why I feel this way. Francis Marion was the lead character in the original script. Benjamin Martin ended up as the main character to make the movie more dramatic and Hollywood. Unlike the fictional character Benjamin Martin, Francis Marion was a man without any kids. Francis Marion did not even get married until after the war. The whole father aspect of the movie was once again a fictional piece added to this movie to make the war more dramatic. It gave Benjamin Martin something to fight for instead of going with what actually happened. This was my take on the main character in the movie The Patriot. My final example is a scene in the movie where Dan Scott reads a statement that says any slaves that serve twelve months in the continental army will be given their freedom and five shillings per month served. This is a very false scene that was put in this movie. Although some States made offers like the one portrayed in the movie. The continental congress never conjured up any offer like this. Which was unlike the British who offered freedom to any slave who fought in the king’s army. Which is why if you look at the records more African Americans fought for the loyalists than the Patriots. Even the great George Washington in the beginning of the war issued orders that slaves not be inducted in the army. This is another one of my takes on a scene from The Patriot. This was a great experience for me and I’m pretty sure for other students. It was fun to watch a movie

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