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Essay September 11. 2001 marked one of the darkest days in the history of the United States. Terrorists hijacked two commercial airliners and used them as weapons. They flew them into the World Trade Center in New York City. Over two thousand people died as a result of that horrific attack. As any responsible government would do, the Unites States government leapt into action. The legislation began to try to mobilize troops as an active force against the threat. In the meantime an examination was done of the legal system to see if any of the laws in place could be tweaked in order to serve the American people better. This resulted in many changes of policy that can accurately be summed up as what we now know as “The Patriot Act.” This sums…show more content…
Even though the government believes that this is the proper thing to do, this can only irritate relations we have with other countries. Some of our foreign relations are very fragile, especially with some countries in the Middle East. The United States telling them that they have the right to watch them can only prove to alienate them further, breeding more distrust. There was also an alteration of what is sometimes known as the “wiretap statute.” This allowed the government to listen in on virtually any conversation that can be seen as potentially dangerous. At one time this only engulfed violent groups bent on the overthrow of the government but now it even includes groups that are known to be non violent such as civil rights groups and the like. This gives the Americna citizens the feeling that all of their conversations are subject to scrutiny in the law. Even though the government does use this to try to track down possible terrorists, it also lets hem listen to the most private and delicate of matters. No warrants are needed now. The Patriot Act also gives the government the right to arrest a person for any probable cause regarding National Security. That reason does not have to be clearly stated or defined and in many cases it is left up to the discretion of the agent who is carrying it out. Although a lot of these things

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