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How did Browning tell the story of ‘The Patriot’? The Patriot is a dramatic monologue based around a man who is about to be executed in public. He starts of my reminiscing on how the public used to cheer when he walked past and he was put on some sort of metaphorical pedestal, however some time later the same public who sued to cheer are now booing and want him to be beheaded because he has done something wrong which hasn’t been revealed in the poem. The protagonist hasn’t got a name but by the title we can assume that he is ‘The Patriot’. During the 3rd stanza Browning makes reference to Greek mythology with the tale of Icarus ‘it was I who leaped at the sun; the tale is about a boy who got wax wings and flew to close to the sun making the wings melted and consequently died. Implying that ‘The Patriot’ got too ambitious and big headed which caused him to make careless mistakes and is now paying the ultimate price of death. ‘Nought man could do, have I left undone’ some could take that as him being very proud and boastful about his achievements, the boastfulness leading to what gets him executed. Alternatively he could be saying that as a rhetorical question, no man can say they’ve done most of the things I’ve done so why am I getting prosecuted for it? The poem is divided into two parts when it comes to sequence; the first 3 stanzas are based on the last year and all use past tense ‘they had answered’; ‘it was I’ the use of the past tense tells us the reader that ‘The Patriot’ is having a flashback and reflecting on the past when everything was normal to him. The last three stanzas are on current events going on in his life, however he uses tense giving a dialogue as its happening, ‘I go in the rain’/ropes cuts both my wrists behind’ revealing the situation that he faces. The use of ‘i go in the rain’ is pathetic fallacy where the weather reflects the mood and

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